Monday, August 6, 2012

            Jenna went to grab her daughter at the end of the room, as she walked closer the room kept elongating, making no progress she started to run, her daughter staying just out of her reach. She screamed for her baby, then suddenly the room started to spin and turn into a black and white spiral. Her baby vanished and she was sucked into the vacuum, everything went dark.
            Her daughters laughter woke her up, the ground was wet, she was laying in a puddle on a dark alley just lit by a half moon. Jenna pulled herself to her feet and immediately heard something walking in the shadows. The footsteps got louder, she froze stiff as the aberration came into the moonlight. Fear struck she noticed the creature's deformities and gasped. It was naked with no genitalia, where the face should be was smooth with a large question mark tattooed in the center, and had three claw like fingers. She heard the creature whispering as it got closer and noticed the skin where its mouth should be was moving. It focused on Jenna sharply cocking its head side to side getting closer, closer until it was inches from her face. The creature began to circle her, staring deep into her soul. She could finally make out what it was saying "What?... When?... Why?..." it chanted repeatedly as it circled her several times. The monstrosity then stopped in front of her pausing for a moment, it sharply cocked its head causing a loud "Snap!". The creature then slithered back into the darkness with its head dangling grossly from side to side. She instantly felt drunk with dizziness and the alley started to spin, as everything went dark she fell face first into a puddle in the asphalt.
            Her daughters cries slowly brought Jenna back to consciousness, the room was unfocused with a blinding white light. She heard a rhythmic "beep" and a dark silhouette approached her followed shortly by a  monotone voice, "Welcome back Jenna, your abortion was a success, there were no complications". "Your very brave and made the right choice, a 16 year old has no business being a parent". She was suddenly filled with horror looking down to see blood everywhere and a fetus on the operating table next to her. She began vomiting and fell on the floor, in a puddle of her vomit the room started going dark and spinning again, in the distance she heard a nurses voice "Dumb whore should have kept her legs shut", and everything went black...
            "JENNA! JENNA! Wake up your having a nightmare!" Jenna jerked up and screamed at her mom "I'M KEEPING IT DAMMNIT!". Jenna's mom gave her a half smile and replied "I was hoping you would say that".

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