Friday, March 25, 2011

Shorthand Poetry

Red light to simplify the night, 
amnesia, insanity,
like watching ants through a glass scry. 

Correlation between a mollusk and a politician -
They seem adamant and appealing on the outside,
but are soft and heartless on the inside.

Kindle the flame of freedom by giving
 politicians a nice drink of a Molotov-Cocktail. 

Consumers are and interesting specie, 
living in gluttony, laziness, 
without thought or respect to their future,
our economy preys upon these people, 
all the way down the road to the medical 
care they will need for their chosen lifestyle. 

Belief in a god is fun, 
I prefer the Greek gods myself, 
but to take any of it seriously is nit-witted. 

I feel like an abused whore who if I run
 I will be beaten almost to death by my pimp. 

I have to deal with you now because its part of my job, 
see me outside of work and i'll break your fucking jaw. 

So much pressure on me... 
its alright, i'll be a diamond soon. 

I'm not prejudice, 
I hate all ignoramus' the same. 

Acute sanity is enough to make one insane. 

Always question, 
never take anyones word. 


  1. Man I feel so shy when trying to comment on such things.
    I better just ask you to keep the good work.

  2. i love people who make poetry.. cheers

  3. You had me at the title... and also 'Acute sanity is enough to make one insane', great line. Well done.