Friday, March 4, 2011

Small background on "unaxeptable"

I'm not going to bore you with far-fetched beliefs in this blog, everything I write is completely up for debate and of my own retrospect. I'm very open minded and want to hear intelligent point of views and ideas of any nature. My name for the remainder of this blog will be "unaxeptable" which is basically a split persona of mine that believes in free people, freedom of speech, less government, lower taxes, and the fact that some of what our country does is unacceptable. We, the mass of the people should have the final say in everything that affects our lives without deceiving the public on what they are voting for, everything should be up front and honest, is this so much to ask? I currently serve in the military and have seen up close how much money is wasted, how many lives are taken in vein, and how mislead our country is. Many a long night far away from home have I sat in the dark thinking, contemplating, of humanity as a whole; we are in a dire need of "change" and not what Obama speaks of...

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  1. Very true my kind sir ! You have a very good point !!! You should run for President :* <3